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About me...

I am a fiber artist and writer, telling stories with words and threads.

I have been exploring fiber arts for 25 years. From wall hangings to full-size quilts, my practice focuses on innovative techniques for creating texture, depth, and a sense of story. My work has been displayed at the Houston Quilt Show, Colorado Quilt Show, and North Carolina Quilt Symposium and elsewhere. Currently my work can be found at CalvArt Gallery in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Visit my Quilting tab to see my recent work.

As a lecturer and guest artist, I have led workshops and presented at guild events and quilt shows, including the Annapolis Quilt Show, and the Mid-Appalachian Quilters Symposium.

I am also a career English teacher and writer. Over the past five years, I have written memoirs, poetry, and fiction. Visit my Writing tab to read my latest projects. 

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