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D-2 (departure in two days!)

My husband Rick and I are taking our 26-year old Chinook across country...Chesapeake Bay to San Francisco Bay. Although the RV is old, it is new to us, and this will be our first mulit-day trip. I'm sure it is going to be fun, but right now it feels like it's a lot of work to get things ready. Rick washed it and Rain-X-ed the windows; when he went to move it, he found he had left something on in the RV, and the battery was dead. Once it was charged, he ran over the round, heavy duty plug and broke it. Now he is working on fixing the extension cord. I went shopping for RV size supplies so we won't have to be looking for a grocery stores or a Walmart along the way...speaking of way...we still don't have a route planned. Right now, it is "Head West and follow the sun." Even though we have had the trip scheduled for months, every time we have sat down to plan the route and itinerary, we have not even gotten as far as Virginia!! I'm beginning to realize that maybe we aren't wanderers. I would never have made it wandering around in the desert for 40 years. We can't even get out of our driveway!

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Tara Knight
Tara Knight
04 gen 2023

This sounds like it was an adventure! You could get some great writing out of it!

Mi piace
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